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Welcome to Sparkstudio SG, where we are passionate about elevating your culinary brand with stunning visuals. As a dedicated food photography business, our purpose is to bring life into photographs that tell captivating stories. In 2017, I, Jiajun, also known as JJ, founded Sparkstudio with the objective of delivering mouth-watering photos and compelling visual narratives.

With 7 years of experience in food photography and styling, I have honed my skills to perfection. At Sparkstudio SG, our team is dedicated to delivering stories and mouth-watering photos for all F&B owners. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that the Singapore F&B industry presents, and we are here to help you make your dishes look as good as they taste.

Our approach is simple yet powerful: we listen to your vision and create your culinary brand with stunning visuals. We believe that exceptional visual storytelling has an undeniable impact on your business's bottom line. Through our expertise and creativity, we ensure that your delectable dishes leap off the screen, enticing customers to take a bite, driving sales, and establishing your culinary brand as a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts in Singapore.

Our vision and mission are rooted in the belief that professional food photography can transform your business. We strive to exceed your expectations, capturing the essence of your culinary creations and translating them into visually stunning images. With Sparkstudio SG, your brand will shine, and your dishes will leave a lasting impression on your target audience.

Join us on an adventurous journey as we collaborate to make your culinary brand stand out. Let Sparkstudio SG be your partner in success. Contact us today, and together, we will embark on a mouth-watering adventure that will elevate your culinary brand to new heights. Get ready to unleash the power of stunning visuals and make your mark in the Singapore F&B industry with Sparkstudio SG.

Our Clients

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PHOTO FACE OFF 2014 Reality TV Series by canon 


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YongLong & Chermaine

We made the best decision by engaging Sparkstudio for our actual wedding on 12 Oct 2019. The pictures taken were so beautiful.

JJ managed to capture moments that we have missed. I would highly recommend SparkStudio. Thank you JJ & team for your professionalism.


Alford & SuTing

Engaged JJ for our actual day wedding photographer, and I must say it was the best decision we made! Ours was a church wedding so we were very particular on the style of Photographer - natural, raw were the brief.

JJ has been very professional, prior to AD, he aligned both our expectations and also the day’s schedule. On AD, despite an early call time of 6am, he was earlier! JJ has a keen eye for details, and he really managed to capture very raw expressions and precious moments and the most importantly - all the photos were exactly what we wanted! 


Definitely no regrets engaging JJ for our AD wedding! He was really nice and friendly, which allowed us to stay relax and comfortable throughout our special day! JJ is also talented & genuinely love what he does which is evidently showed in his works!

Thank you once again JJ, for capturing beautiful memories that will stay in our hearts! Good job!

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