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Food Concept for Asia’s first indoor gamified electric Go-Kart circuit!

Updated: Jan 22

The concept of this shoot was to bring Asia’s first indoor gamified electric Go-Kart circuit to life, immersing you in a world of real-life racing and virtual gaming around a 3-level racetrack. It's a still life with a twist, lit by the mesmerizing hues of @nanlite_global PavoTube II 30X. 🌈 Adding a canvas of light waves to the backdrop, each one was painted by hand – and let me tell you, it was a 45-minute dance of colors, motion, and pure creative adrenaline, all set against the chef's delectable creations.

I relished the challenge, crafting the perfect wave, syncing the pulsating colors with the rhythm of Sentosa's vibe. The result? A feast for the eyes as much as for the taste buds. I can't deny it was worth every minute. 📸🍔🍟

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