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Circuit Breaker Food Photography (I)

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

I am absolutely excited to share with you what I have been working on during this Circuit-Breaker (CB) period.

In Singapore, most of us have to stay home during this period except for the essential workers who are still working hard to keep the community going. Being a photographer, I belong to the “Stay Home” group.

With that it means that I have to stay home for 2 months with 95% loss of income. But well, life goes on! We can't be sitting at home doing nothing but complain about the situation, right?

As this pandemic is affecting all businesses, many business owners have been busy communicating with their clients on the changes of work processes. So have I. Other than keeping my clients and partners au courant with the changes of shoots arrangement, I busy myself with exploring new skills online; getting ideas from my mum’s cooking; scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Tiktok.

With all the exploration, I came out with a challenge for myself.

To create images through my lenses with the basic food;

ingredients and snacks at home; anything that is edible.

Playing with FOOD!

Below is one of my favourite snacks I found at home - Xiao Mantou Biscuits - taken against brown background.

The Xiao Mantou biscuits resemble corgi butts, don't they?

Share with us what are some of your favourite snacks found at home during this CB period and keep watching this space for more updates!

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